One-time 3% recharge fee with no hidden charges: what Lamanche Payments virtual card issuer offers to webmasters

Keep reading to find out why experienced webmasters choose Lamanche Payments, what type of cards we offer, the fees we charge, and how to start working with us!


To consistently and effectively drive traffic, a webmaster will greatly benefit from a reliable virtual card issuing service. It’s no secret that understanding the importance of calculating fees, selecting high-quality BINs, and issuing the appropriate number of cards for advertising purposes are crucial for campaign success.
Introducing Lamanche Payments! We've been up and running since 2022 and have built a solid reputation among teams and solo-buyers worldwide.

Why do webmasters choose Lamanche Payments

  • We found out why webmasters like working with Lamanche Payments from our reviews and also talked to our clients in person at the recent MAC Conference in Yerevan.

    Here is what they highlighted as our strengths:
  • Direct product of the bank
    Unlike many other payment services that use intermediaries and deduct a portion of your funds, we prioritize transparency and ensure that your budget remains intact.

    Because we're a direct bank product, we caLamanche Paymentsn easily give you statements for all your transactions whenever you need them. Our banking interface has been tailored to meet the specific requirements of webmasters, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.
  • No hidden fees
    When considering a payment service provider, it's important to take into account various costs such as card maintenance, card issuance fees, and fees for top-ups.

    At Lamanche Payments, we cover the costs for card issuance and maintenance, so you only pay for the replenishment of your account. This helps to avoid any unexpected payments down the line and ensures a more straightforward payment experience for our customers.
  • In-house wallet with 20+ currencies
    By default, deposits can be made to your account using USDT. However, if this option is not convenient for you, you have the alternative to select another cryptocurrency or utilize a bank transfer (wire or swift).
  • No penalty for declines and unlimited free cards
    In contrast to some other virtual card services, we do not charge a penalty for transaction declines. We believe that charging for declines could potentially deter the growth of our partnership in the early stages. However, it's important to keep the Decline Rate below 10% to uphold the integrity of our BINs. No penalty for declines paired with our free card issuance, let’s you easily forecast your advertising budgets.
  • We maintain BINs in optimal condition
    At Lamanche Payments we have a strict policy against first-bill fraudsters to ensure the integrity of our cards. Any fraudulent activity is carefully monitored and addressed promptly to maintain a clean and secure environment for all our honest webmasters.

What BINs and cards are offered
by Lamanche Payments virtual card issuing service

We are pleased to offer a total of eight BINs from the UK, with this list being expanded every six months. This means we can offer the best payment solutions for advertising on different websites, even during storms. Webmasters have the flexibility to choose from a variety of payment systems including Visa, MasterCard, or UnionPay.
Additionally, we offer unlimited card issuance free of charge. As Lamanche Payments works directly with the bank, a 3DS is automatically issued for each product. This feature can be easily managed in your personal account, where you can turn it on or off at any time. Codes will be conveniently sent to your email, personal account, or Telegram account via a bot.

Rates, commissions and functionality for teamwork of Lamanche Payments virtual cards

About the rates. We initially offer up to three cards for testing our product. This gives the webmaster the opportunity to try out each payment system and select the best payment solution for their needs. Once a choice has been made, the support team can assist in removing any limits to ensure seamless continuation of work.

About the commission. The only fee for webmasters is a 3% charge for account replenishment. There are no hidden charges or deductions to worry about. Additionally, buyers can transfer money between accounts without incurring any additional fees.

It's important to note that the commission percentage decreases as the webmaster's monthly spending increases. The terms are as follows:

About teamwork. We offer a teamwork function for those who work collaboratively. Within the "User Management" section, the project owner has the ability to invite employees to offer them their own accounts. Additionally, our support team can assist in setting up additional accounts with different cards for sub-users. Buyers can then access and use their designated account or all of the accounts available if the project owner checks "Main user creation" when making the buyer’s account.

We are more than happy to provide API keys and documentation upon request to facilitate the integration of Lamanche Payments into third-party services and to streamline your virtual card management.

What Lamanche Payments is used for

With Lamanche Payments, you can pay for advertising on practically any merchant. For your convenience, we have put together a list of sites that have been successfully paid for by our clients in the past:

If you do not see a suitable option on the list, our support team is more than happy to help solve this issue and add a new merchant upon your request.

How to get started with Lamanche Payments

Registration is quick and easy, taking no more than five minutes of your time. To get started, simply visit our website and click on the "Get started" button.
When creating your profile, enter your name, Telegram login, and email address. You also have the option to include your Skype or WhatsApp information, but this is not required. One of our managers will be in touch with you in any convenient way.
Next, our support team will provide a brief onboarding process and then invite you to join a private chat with other managers. During this chat, the terms of our cooperation will be explained to the webmaster.
We are available from 11:00 to 19:00 (GMT+3), and for any urgent matters, we are reachable at all times. You can reach out to us through the group chat or directly to your assigned manager.

Upon completion of registration, you will receive a login and password for your account to the email you provided. We recommend changing your password upon your first login for security purposes.

For added security, we suggest setting up OTP code authorization. These codes will be sent together with 3DS to your email, phone number, or Telegram. You can find detailed instruction on setting up OTP and 3DS codes here.

Once your account is set up, the final steps involve funding your account, selecting the appropriate BIN for advertising payments, and issuing a virtual card.

How to issue a card in Lamanche Payments

First things first, you’ll need to deposit $500 into your Lamanche account - that is the minimum deposit. You can easily do this through JackWallet, which was designed for instant payments at any time of day. Keep in mind, you can deposit and keep any amount in JackWallet at your convenience.
Please note that transfers from Garantex, Hydra, and Tornado Cash are not accepted due to sanctions in place. Typically, clients deposit funds using USDT: TRC20 or ERC20, but if needed, you can add another cryptocurrency by using the "Add Wallet" button. Lamanche Payments supports TRON, ETH, Polygon, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Arbitrum networks.

Navigate to the "Cards" section and click on the "ADD CARD" button to proceed with issuing a new card. All card information, including data, statuses, and limits, can be found in this section for easy tracking.
Select the desired payment system, card type, account number, and quantity of cards to finalize the process.

All done! Within a few minutes, the newly issued card will appear in the "Cards" section. You also have the option to add a custom tag to a card, allowing other team members to easily identify its intended use.


Lamanche Payments has been providing virtual cards for webmasters for over two years. Our team is continuously improving our product lineup to better meet the needs of our clients. We offer our clients the ease of tracking all transactions in real time, reducing the risk of accidental charges.

For new users, guides are available in English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Portuguese to help navigate the registration process, set up teamwork, and address any issues that may arise. Additionally, if the solution is not found in the guides, users can always reach out directly to our support team for assistance.

We also have a Telegram channel where we organize poker tournaments, raffles, and share updates on new features - be sure to check it out!